Precision Casting 

Investment casting (also known as lost wax casting) is a precision casting methodology that can be used over the widest range of metal types .

Tuopusen manufactures castings ranging from a few grams (about 0.1 oz) in weight to about 400 kg (880 lb). The minimum wall thickness  are  0.06cm(0.024 in) .The size  can be cast under  200cm X(78in) 100cm(39in).

The advantages of investment casting are
  Excellent surface finish
  High dimensional accuracy
  Extremely intricate parts are castable
  Almost any metal can be cast
  Reducing machining can reducing total cost


We provide a full range of machining services to complement the range of alloys used in our casting process and deliver fully finished items or assemblies. such as milling, turning, gear cutting and grinding operations.
CNC lathe & vertical lathe
CNC boring machine
CNC horizontal machining center 

Inspection & Testing 

General Heat Treatment
  Annealing, stress relieving,tempering etc.
Vacuum Furnace
  Vacuum heat treating is used for bright hardening and tempering, bright annealing 

Heat Treatment

Surface Finishing

We offer several surface finishing options.
Polishing – by hand and automated
Pickling - by assembly line
Abrasive blasting - by assembly line 

§Casting Weight                 Max 800 kg   biggest in Asian

                                            Min 0.01kg

§Casting Wall Thickness    Min 0.6 mm

§Casting size                      Max diameter  2000×1000 mm